Takahiro Yagi

Takahiro Yagi, the art of tea boxes and the defence of Japanese craftsmanship

Takahiro Yagi is a metal craftsman who makes tea tins from hand-formed metal leaves. Against the advice of his father who feared for the future of the workshop, he took over the torch from the 6th generation and made his delicate and modern art known all over the world. Takahiro Yagi is also a voice for Japanese art craftsmen who don't want to end up only in museums. He gathers, he tells, he initiates. No need to speak the same language to recognize each other and through him The Craft Project abolishes borders.
I would like to thank my friend Yoko Ooka for introducing us to Taka and for translating this interview simultaneously. I also thank her for having welcomed us at the Palace Le Meurice where she is responsible for communication and where The Craft Project feels at home as the craftsmen are part of the decor.