Maison Ruinart

Ruinart and the Fine Crafts

Ruinart has chosen the Métiers Rares studio to integrate the know-how of the crafts into the brand DNA of the house. As a pioneer in the field of contemporary art in the world’s most prestigious art fairs, the House of Ruinart innovates by imagining the Route des métiers d’art, a concept created by Métiers Rares.

The Ruinart House is committed to highlighting the know-how of the regions of France around a creative encounter between a great chef and a craftsman. The Maison Ruinart has given carte blanche to a magician of a noble and robust material intimately linked to the vine and the House. Wood.

Métiers Rares wrote and provoked a meeting between the three-star chef Emmanuel Renaut and the cabinetmaker Steven Leprize in the kitchens of Les Flocons de sel.

Conversation around raw material and creativity, the two craftsmen enchanted the customers of the house by animating participative workshops during which they sawed, varnished and thermoformed wood flakes.

Each moment was the subject of digital content generation, videos, films, stories, photographs and podcasts produced by Métiers Rares.

Métiers Rares reveals in this opus a strategy of brand enhancement through craftsmanship, customer experiences linked to the House’s DNA and the production of live, engaging content.

  • Building customer loyalty with B2B Ruinart customers
  • Increasing brand desirability via art and heritage pillars
  • Amplify knowledge via a digital campaign around the Ruinart and the Crafts program.
  • Animating and building loyalty in a community
  • Visibility on the networks
  • Creation of the Route des Métiers d'Art, a new concept of meeting between a chef and a craftsman per season.
  • Creation of interactive and participative "craft" workshops for clients.
  • Stories (702k reach) and Facebook posts (1.4M reach)