Share your know-how

Métiers-Rares is also a storytelling studio specialized in Fine Crafts.

To tell the story of crafts, you have to know and love them.
Know that behind the dust of a workshop there is a 3D printer.
That beyond the "little hands" there are destinies.
We know how to listen and we know how to look.
Our contents are authentic. Demanding and poetic.

We produce them in-house or we support your agencies by bringing to their teams our view of the crafts.

Podcast and Sound Design

Since 2018, Métiers Rares produces the podcast The Craft Project.
Since 2020, Métiers Rares has been producing the Chaumet podcast : Virtual Conversations


We put a fraternal and sensitive eye on know-how
to document the behind-the-scenes of the projects we develop for you.