Craft Thinking means Métiers Rares putting the intelligence of craftsmen and craftswomen at the service of the problems of creation, training, prototyping, production and communication of the houses of excellence. 

Thanks to an exceptional network of craftsmen and manufacturers, combines the Métiers Rares right expertise with the right issues and creates a methodology to move forward.

Métiers Rares devotes part of its profits to making the spirit of rare crafts heard and to spreading their values of excellence, creativity, transmission and fraternity.
Discover the association The Craft Project.

In all the Métiers Rares missions, the craftsmen are quoted, well paid (with down payments and on delivery) and accompanied to make the most of their work. By trusting us, the houses of excellence subscribe to the charter Métiers Rares which promotes a fertile and respectful relationship between art workshops and their clients.

The Studio Métiers Rares puts its expertise in fine crafts at the service of the Houses of Excellence.

  • Branded content on know-how (film, podcast, texts)
  • Sourcing of craftsmen
  • 3D design
  • Prototyping
  • Production/relocation in France (packaging, gifting, set design, furniture)
  • Strategy for the development of internal know-how: training and communication
  • Training / strategic inspiration on know-how to relocate or internalize rare gestures. (registered training organization)
  • HNWI customer experiences around know-how

Raphaëlle Le Baud

Graduated from Sciences Po Paris, Raphaëlle fell into the arts and crafts sector in 2010 when she took over and developed the Duvelleroy Fan House (labeled in 2012 Living Heritage Enterprise) with Eloise Gilles.
She co-founded Mayaro in 2015 to design a Parisian laboratory for arts and crafts.
She created the podcast The Craft Project and co-founded the association of the same name to think about the future of crafts.

Raphaëlle has been a member of the jury of the Banque Populaire foundation for crafts since 2017. In 2020, she is a jury member for the Penninghen School diploma in interior architecture, a member of the National Furniture Commission in the context of the Métiers d'Art recovery plan, ambassador for Paris of the Michelangelo Foundation for the arts and crafts and a member of the jury for the Grand Prix Métiers d'Art de la Ville de Paris under the chairmanship of Mathias Kiss. 

Since its creation in Métiers Rares 2018, Raphaëlle has surrounded herself with a team of independent talents who are as passionate as she is and in tune with the values of the arts and crafts: excellence, transmission and creativity.

Pierre Salagnac

Bronzier of art, sculptor, 3D designer Pierre Salagnac is a craftsman who is keen on innovation and transmission. He accompanies Métiers Rares in sourcing, design, 3D conception, prototyping and training. He is also the co-founder of the association The Craft Project.


Graduated from Penninghen, Geronimo is a photographer, director, composer. Geronimo has been adopted in the workshops and accompanies Métiers Rares in the creation of content on rare trades.


Papergram is a graphic communication agency. They provide support Métiers Rares for illustrations, digital content, website and communication.

Philippe Calvayrach

Philippe Calvayrach is a sound engineer. He assists Métiers Rares in the editing and mixing of audio content, starting with The Craft Project podcasts.